Frequently asked questions

What is the process?

The immediate objective is to prepare a discussion paper on the issues and options. This paper will inform an initial round of consultations undertaken by the project manager. This up-coming round of consultations will try to cover the diverse range of Australia's organic industries and regions.

The working group will then consider next steps for the project. It is likely that there will be a further round of consultations or an industry summit towards the end of the year.

Who is funding this project?

The project has been funded so far by members of the working group. It is envisaged that, as the project matures, the project may also be eligible to receive grant funding from government.

Who is going to manage the peak body?

A peak body will only be established if there is broad industry support for the concept and a commitment from enough businesses to become members. The form that any peak body takes will depend on the views of the broader industry. Membership categories, voting rights, corporate structure, membership fees and governance are all issues to be considered.

Who is managing the project?

Policy Partners Pty Ltd (website) has been appointed project manager to assist the working group undertake this initial stage of the project. Policy Partners are consultants who specialise in the delivery of complex projects spanning multiple stakeholders across industry, government and the private sector. They will develop the discussion paper, undertake consultations, prepare a report on options for next steps, and provide executive support to the working group.

Who can attend the consultations?

Anyone involved in Australia's organic industries is welcome to participate in the consultations. We want to hear from as broad an audience as possible. Just make sure you register your interest on this website and watch out for further information about locations and dates for the consultations.

Has a membership structure or the fees been decided?

No—these are issues to be covered in consultations with industry participants.

Can I join the working group?

It's likely that the current working group will transform into a different structure over the coming months. So it might be better to wait until the next steps become clearer. However, if you are overcome with enthusiasm to join the working group, feel free to ask the project manager how you might best be able to contribute.

How can I get involved?

By far the most important aspect of this project is to understand the views and needs of the industry and the value that a peak body may bring to its members.

We want to hear from everyone, to make sure we understand the wide range of perspectives. Please make sure you get involved.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn where we will have regular project updates from our consultations around the country. Sign up to our email newsletter. And remember to check back here on our website for updates.

We would also love to meet you at our consultations and hear your views. Stay tuned for the locations and dates.

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